Three different modes of operation in contemporary art

22.4. – 19.5.2017: Group exhibition in LIBA Gallery, Pontedera, Italy

Exhibition "Three different modes of operation in contemporary art", LIBA Gallery, 2017

Vernissage: April 22nd 2017, 6.30 pm
Runs until: May 19th 2017
Works from the artists: Luca Doveri, Massimiliano Precisi, Vanessa Thyes

“The Swiss born artist, Vanessa Thyes, first undertook her creative route in fashion as a stylist at an early age and later began produce patterns for fabrics.

Subsequently, her creative needs sway her into strenghtening herself through painting, which she uses as a medium to experiment with various techniques and subject matters that range from studies of the human body to still life shapes to more abstract representations.

Vanessa Thyes’ whole dimension is an interior one and the observer is pulled into it and is embraced by the softness of the shapes and the carefully studied colours.

So, whether it is a sketch of a dancing female figure on canvas or a non-figurative image, our attention is captured by those indestructible constellations of forms which float in space and bring us directly into the work’s dimension.

The vision is extremely romantic, linked to the nature of things and man’s essential need to connect with the world and the infinite.
We are atoms, particles that make up the entire universe and united together create an unbreakable bond of which the artist reminds us by placing the different details in her compositions near each other with great care.

The space of the work is internal. It is the reality of thought of a woman who realizes and speaks about her surroundings as she perceives, lives and inhabits them whilst regarding the external world from the point of view of that sensitivity which stems from her feminine essence.”

— Antonella Catarsi, April 2017


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